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St. Paul's are a Junior Football club located on the outskirts of Dunboyne, Co.Meath. We are a club that prides itself on being welcoming, friendly and player focused. For anyone interested in becoming a member, please see our contact page to get in touch with us.


Flathouse and St Pauls celebrate 50 years

Flathouse GFC were formed in 1965 and had considerable success at Junior level eventually winning the Junior Championship in 1968. The club peaked with reaching the IFC in 1970 where they beaten by a superior Dunderry side. Sadly in 1973 the Flathouse were suspended for 5 years effectively sounding the death knell for the club. However a year later the current team St. Paul's GFC rose from the ashes of the Flathouse.

St. Paul's had league successes and won the 1999 Junior A football championship by defeating Moylagh. The club are currently playing in the Junior B championship.

To celebrate 50 years of the two clubs combined existence they are hosting a Flathouse and St. Paul's GFC Gala Dinner Dance at Dunboyne Castle Hotel this Saturday 9th May at 8pm. This is to be preceded by mass at 7pm in memory of passed members in St. Peters and Pauls church in Dunboyne.

County board Secretary Francis Flynn along with guest speaker Roscommon manager John Evans will be in attendance.


St Paul’s GAA is a Junior Football Club based in the parish of Dunboyne. Up until the emergency (1939-1945), gaelic sport in Dunboyne parish had not been as well organised as it is today. Various smaller clubs had run hurling and football as separate entities and it wasn’t until the 1940s that clubs began to appear in their current formats. The original Flathouse club was founded in the late 1930s by James Minch, Caulstown and Paddy Leonard, Back Road. The club only lasted five years before being disbanded but in that period they managed to win a Junior Hurling Championship in 1941.

Football had not been properly organised in the Dunboyne side of the parish until the late1940s when the club was reformed as St Peter’s GAA in 1952 under the patronage of Fr. Carberry C.C. Kilbride GFC had also been reformed in 1948 and organised football for those players living in that side of the parish. Thus, by the 1950s gaelic sport was basically organised by Kilbride GFC and St Peter’s GAA.

It was not until the 1960s that there was talk of reforming a club to represent the Flathouse end of the parish. There had been some players living in this area who were not getting regular football on the St Peter’s team and in October 1965, a group from that area broke away from St. Peter’s GAA to reform Flathouse GFC. The decision to break away from St. Peter’s was vindicated immediately by the success of the new club.

Flathouse GFC entered the Junior B Championship in 1966 and went as far as the final before losing to Gael Colmcille by a score of 1-4 to 0-3. In 1968, Flathouse GFC won the Meath Junior Championship, defeating Moylagh GAA by the score of 3-6 to 1-7. Flathouse also won their league and also secured three tournaments victories in Kildare, Meath and Dublin. Flathouse went on to contest the Intermediate Final in 1970, losing to Dunderry. Flathouse GFC’s life ended controversially in 1973 when they received a five year ban from the County Board arising from incidents during an Intermediate championship match against Castletown and further disturbances at the County Board meeting to investigate these incidents.

Despite the huge disruption that this caused, with some players having no option but to join other clubs so that they could play football, in the following year the club was reformed as St. Paul’s GFC and has been playing as such ever since.

Fixtures & Results


2015 ACFL Division 4 League

30/06/2015 Dunsany -v- St. Paul's 20:00 Dunsany

05/07/2015 Boardsmill-v- St. Paul's 14:00 Boardsmill

2015 Junior 'B' Championship - Group B


2015 Junior 'B' Championship - Group B

27/04/2014 St. Paul's 2 - 12 Trim 6 - 10

10/05/2014 St. Paul's 2 - 13 Donaghmore/Ashbourne 1 - 7

24/05/2014 St. Paul's 0 - 9 St.Patrick's 3 - 19

21/06/2014 St. Paul's 2 - 12 St.Mary's 0 - 18

2015 ACFL Division 4 League

01/02/2015 Ballivor 0 - 14 St. Paul's 2 - 6 Match Report

15/02/2015 St. Paul's 0 - 3 Curraha 1 - 10

15/03/2015 Clonard 3 - 11 St. Paul's 1 - 6

29/03/2015 St. Paul's 1 - 7 St. Vincent's 2 - 7

30/04/2015 Slane 2 - 10 St. Paul's 1 - 11

14/05/2015 St. Paul's 1 - 9 Kilmainhamwood 2 - 6 Match Report

02/06/2015 St. Paul's 2 - 11 Moylagh 0 - 13

2015 Tailteann Cup

22/02/2015 St. Paul's 0 - 12 Meath Hill 0-19

2014 Junior 'B' Championship - Group C

27/04/2014 St. Paul's 1 - 10 Walterstown 1 - 11 Match Report

25/05/2014 St. Paul's 1 - 8 Slane 2-7

04/07/2014 St. Paul's 0 - 9 Nobber 0 - 12

15/08/2014 St. Paul's v Wolfe Tones - Game abandoned after 45 minutes due to a serious head injury to a Wolfe Tones player. Tones were leading 0-13 to 0-12 at the time

2014 ACFL Division 4 League

04/05/2014 St. Paul's 3 - 12 Slane 0 - 4 Match Report

18/05/2014 St. Mary's 3 - 15 St. Paul's 1 - 11 Match Report

15/07/2014 St. Paul's w/o Boardsmill scr

19/07/2014 St. Paul's 1 - 11 Moynalty 2 - 11

27/07/2014 St. Paul's scr Kilbride w/o

2014 Tailteann Cup

14/05/2014 St. Paul's 0 - 7 Cortown 2 - 15


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We are always on the lookout for new players, if interested please contact any one of the people below. Alternatively email us on secretary.stpauls.meath@gaa.ie

David Higgins Chairman 0871208719

Martin O'Neill Secretary 0851615588

Willie Keague Treasurer 0862238787